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Jencarlos Canela

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  • Jencarlos Canela is a Cuban-American singer, songwriter, recording artist, and actor with an artistic career that resonates internationally. He is the only Latin artist that shows the ample and innovating fusion of Caribbean rhythms that make up his successful repertoire. More than 11 million of loyal followers on social media make him one of the top Hispanic celebrities with the highest interaction in the United States, Europe, and Latin America; as well as one of the few Latin artists to achieve a successful transition to the Anglo-Saxon market where Jencarlos has stood out as an actor; a feature that makes it a great prospect for brands and advertising agencies. Jencarlos started his music career at the age of 12 as the main singer of the group “Boom Boom Pop” and graduated in 2006 with honors from the prestigious school The New World School of the Arts. In 2009, Canela released his first record titled Buscame, which positioned in the #1 place of the Latin Albums chart of Billboard magazine, and achieved Gold certification from the RIAA. Two years later, he reached the #1 position again with the high sales of Un Nuevo Dia [2011]. His third album Jen was released in 2014, and marked a twist in his musical style. In his role as an actor, Jencarlos has acted the leading role of five telenovelas, 3 movies, the Fox series special The Passion, and the series of the NBC Telenovela, in which he starred along Eva Longoria. His career as an interpreter was consolidated at the same time, for on several occasions his songs were selected as the main theme of the novels in which he performed. Since 2015, Jencarlos has given free rein to his creativity, with songs like Bajito with Ki-Many Marley, Baby with Lennox, Pa Que Me Invitan and Dure Dure with Don Omar, he has managed to establish a new trend in the merger of Caribbean rhythms like Reggae. Canela has been recognized with multiple accolades, including: 2X Diamond, Platinum and Gold Certifications for the high sales of his music in the USA and Latin America; in addition to receiving the awards Tu Mundo [5], Lo Nuestro, Cassandra, Youth, and Fame. In addition to having been awarded these prizes, Canela was the first Latin artist in history to press the button that activates the 60 seconds in the Waterford crystal ball for 2015 in the Time Square of New York City on the eve of New Year. Additionally, in February 2017, a street with his name was inaugurated in Hialeah (Florida, USA) under his own name "Jencarlos Canela Way", as an acknowledgment of his professional trajectory and as an ambassador of the city. In March 2018, Jencarlos released the song and music video entitled Por Algo Será, a collaboration with Mexican singer-songwriter Joy [from the duo Jessy and Joy]. The song is developing strongly in the charts of radial popularity, as well as streaming platforms, and generated more than 1 million reproductions in YouTube during its week of release.

  • Discography

    BÚSCAME [2009] #1 Billboard Latin Albums chart RIAA Gold

  • UN NUEVO DIA [2011] Debuted #1 in sales

  • JEN [2014]

  • Awards

    Latin Billboard – Mejor Nuevo Artista [2010]


    Pecados Ajenos [2008], Hunted By Night [2009], Doña Barbara [2009], Miami Libre, Más Sabe El Diablo [2010], Más Sabe El Diablo: El Primer Golpe [2010], Hop [2011], Pasión Prohibida [2013], Telenovela [2016], among others.

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