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  • Emilia is a singer, composer, musician and dancer who through social media and YouTube has created an impressive fan base and has become a trendsetter among the young. A visionary, charismatic and daring young woman who has made her way through the music industry with a promising career. Her audience is made up of teenagers and young adults, with a potential that keeps her in the eye of brands and agencies who are constantly in the lookout for her types of audience.

  • Born in Nogoya, one of Argentina’s most humble towns, Emilia has dedicated since a very young age on creating a better future for her family and her, demonstrating her passion for singing and dancing. At the age of 5 she took her first dance classes, at 6 she took her first guitar lessons, and at 12 she started her singing lessons.

  • In 2016, seeking to showcase her talent to the masses, Emilia chose to use YouTube to upload covers of her favorite songs. It was via these covers on YouTube and social media that a very important and popular Latin American band discovers her and invites her to join the band, leading her to tour throughout South America and expand her fan base on an international level.

  • Later in 2018, Emilia signed an exclusive contract with management company, Walter Kolm Entertainment (Carlos Vives, CNCO, Maluma, Rombai, Silvestre Dangond, Wisin) and started to materialize her dreams of being a soloist. Then, she was signed by the music label Sony Music Latin.

  • 2019 started at full speed. An article in Billboard magazine which highlighted her talents, woke a great curiosity in the North American market, and the release of her debut single “Recalienta” in February confirmed that Emilia came to stay. The single has generated more than 10 million views in YouTube, in addition to millions of streams in digital platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

  • Between the months of May and July 2019 Emilia has: collaborated with the artists Ana Mena and Nio Garcia on the record “El Chisme”, left her footmark as composer as she wrote the single “Bloqueo” interpreted by Lele Pons and Fuego, and participated as a presenter in Premios Juventud where she showed her beauty and talent in front of the cameras.

  • Image-wise, Emilia has collaborated with different brands. Among them, Benetton Perfumes, where she is currently the global ambassador.

  • Emilia Mernes is definitely a young woman with very humble roots, but with high aspirations that are taking her one step closer every day to make her dreams come true. Emilia has been preparing new singles with music producers such as Sky Rompiendo, Jon Leone, Develop among others, where collaborations with renowned artists are expected.

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